Condominium Association Management Baltimore

For a condo community to maintain vitality and order in the long-term, it’s important to have a good system takes care of all its matters and potential issues. Volunteers are often tasked with assuming this responsibility. However, it can be an overwhelming job that many are not equipped for. In such situations, board members hire companies that offer condominium association management in Baltimore to help them.

Condominium Association Management Baltimore

Common Misconceptions About Condominium Association Management in Baltimore

The majority of homeowners think that something is wrong with their community if their association gets condominium association management in Baltimore. Contrary to that belief, board members enlist help from professionals to increase the value of their area. Like that misconception, there are more myths about condominium association management in Baltimore that needs to be debunked. Here are some of them:

Condominium Association Management in Baltimore Is Too Expensive

You’re probably thinking that condominium association management in Baltimore is just an added expense. However, when you weigh its benefits, you’ll realize that it can provide direct cost savings for your community. Condominium association management in Baltimore takes away some of the burdens that slows down the board members from making advantageous decisions for the community.

Companies providing condominium association management in Baltimore have access to contractors that can offer you competitive prices when you need repairs or maintenance. This enables the board to be more flexible when making decisions.

Firms Offering Condominium Association Management in Baltimore Control Communities

Hiring a company for condominium association management in Baltimore doesn’t mean you’re giving full control of the community to them. They are there to assist you, not to overrule your decisions. The board of directors will set the rules, and the firm offering condominium association management in Baltimore will fairly enforce them.

Condominium Association Management in Baltimore Is Provided Remotely

Some people think that condominium association management in Baltimore is provided through virtual means. A good firm provides in-person support to make sure they can assist the board with tasks like strategic planning and project executions. A company for condominium association management in Baltimore meets with representatives to develop a trusting relationship with them.

Firms Offering Condominium Association Management in Baltimore Look for Violations

Homeowners think that the purpose of condominium association management in Baltimore is to catch violations in the condo community. The goal of firms offering condominium association management in Baltimore is to enforce the rules created for the property. Doing this will ensure each tenant’s safety, security, and quality of living.

Condominium Association Management in Baltimore Doesn’t Include Resident Disputes

When disputes in the community arise, you can rely on a company for condominium association management in Baltimore to assist you with resolving them. They will take this responsibility to keep the positive relationship between the owners and the board. A firm offering condominium association management in Baltimore will usually follow a resolution plan.

All Firms Offering Condominium Association Management in Baltimore Are the Same

Once you decide to get condominium association management in Baltimore, the next step would be to find a company that offers it. Although they essentially do the same job, not every firm offering condominium association management in Baltimore can provide you with quality services.

To determine whether a company is equipped to take care of your property, there are specific qualities you should look for. First, they should be experienced at handling community problems. A firm offering condominium association management in Baltimore should also be transparent with presenting financial reports.

Get Professional Condominium Association Management in Baltimore Today

If you’re looking for professionals to help you with condominium association management in Baltimore, West Property Management is here to help. Our team works closely with the board of directors to support and implement their decisions and improve the quality of life in their community.

From financial management to property inspections and enforcement, you can rely on us to provide these services with utmost transparency. Contact us to get a free consultation.

Enjoy Complete Property Management Services

Owning a rental property, whether it’s an individual unit or a condominium, is a rewarding experience. However, many people find that managing it is time-consuming and challenging. If you don’t have the resources needed to maximize the profit from your investment, you risk wasting its potential. To help avoid this from happening, you should enlist the help of a professional property management company.

At West Property Management, we value every property that we handle and plan for its success. That’s why we offer complete management services to rental properties regardless of the size. We represent over 1,500 properties and manage over a billion in assets. You can rely on us to take care of your unit, so you can focus on what matters to you the most.

HOA and Condo Management

If you’re struggling to draft and enforce rules to maintain the appeal of your neighborhood, our team has you covered. We work closely with the board of directors to support and implement their decisions.

We understand that each client is unique. That’s why we provide tailored services to meet the needs of both the homeowners and the association. Here are some ways we can help you:

Financial Management

You can rely on us to help you with tasks like, establishing and maintaining separate reserve accounts and collecting dues from members. We can also assist you with drafting monthly management financial records, and annual budgets.

Insurance Management

Your community association and board members must be protected against legal liability and potentially catastrophic events. Our team will be responsible for obtaining insurance plans and bonds that are appropriate for you.

Contracting and Maintenance Management

We’ll be the one to negotiate and solicit bids from licensed, bonded, and insured contractors when you need them for your property. Our team will also handle maintenance requests from your tenants.

Governance and Legal Issues Management

In instances where you need to file liens or pursue collection, West Property Management will be there with you. We will cooperate with legal counsel and attend court proceedings if necessary.

Rental Properties

If you’ve finally dipped your toes into rental properties as an investment, you’ll find out that managing one can bring you a fair share of headaches. That’s where West Property Management can help you. Our goal is to protect your investment by keeping your tenants happy through our services. To better understand how exactly we can help you, take a look at some of our services:


West Property Management will assist you with any licensing procedures required in your area. We can also help you prepare before an inspection or accomplish paperwork before a tenant moves in.

Financial Statements

Our team can provide you with concise financial statements to show how your investment is performing and earning profit. These documents are offered monthly, so you can monitor them.


To keep your property looking new and attractive to tenants, you need to have it maintained. However, this task can be expensive. Our team will make this process easy and stress-free for you. We have a network of trusted companies for every job, and we make sure they provide the most competitive pricing.

Real Estate Services

If you’re planning to buy or sell a rental property, our team is here to help you with the entire process. Samson Properties, our real estate brokerage, can assist you in purchasing or putting up for sale either commercial or residential properties.

Get a Free Consultation With Our Company

Let our professional team at West Property Management handle your rental property. We have an array of services that can help you maximize your investment. Schedule a free consultation by signing up on our page. You may also call us at 301-854-0791 for more information.

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West Property Management offers complete management services from townhomes and single-family homes to Homeowners & Condominium Associations, no matter the size.

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We retained West Property Management to take over managing our brand new HOA. As a brand new builder community, West Property Management had to help manage numerous complicated developer-builder-homeowner transition matters. Despite the often unpredictable and/or complicated tasks that our HOA faced, West Property Management handled these matters in a very “can do” and no-nonsense manner. Their timely approach, expertise and patience with a new, novice Board of Directors also made working with West Property Management productive and positive. The Board continues to enjoy working with them and highly recommend them for property management needs.

Michelle R.

When selecting West Property Management, you can expect professionalism, follow-through, and success in managing your property(ies). It all started with listening to our expectations and consistently delivering superior service and expertise without prompting for our 350 properties; telephone calls and e-mails were tactfully responded whether there was a complaint or a compliment.

When evaluating a property management company, we felt the primary factor was collaboration to learn what we should or should not do to effectively manage processes. The second important factor was the skillful management of suppliers to reduce outstanding receivables and ensure the successful delivery of work products through excellent customer service. West Property Management always displayed a “can-do” attitude and resolved any issues with persistent alacrity.

West Property Management’s impressive knowledge and practical approach we highly recommend irrespective of what level of management you seek. Both Lynn Weymer (our Property Manager) and Chris Westerlund (the owner) were always available to consult on Board matters and always resolved any presented issues. We will continue to work with West Property Management and look forward to our continued partnership.

Patricia F

It was a pleasure working with Chris. He was very professional and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and informed every step of the way. I give Chris and West Property Management my highest recommendations and look forward to working with them for all my future property management needs.


West has been such a joy to work with – they’ve brought a new level of professionalism and experience to our HOA and we’re grateful to be working with them!

Mike L.

West Property Management has been so wonderful to work with. Excellent communication and customer service. A professional organization who provides a wonderful personal touch. I’d highly recommend them!

Ji L.

Chris Westerlund and West Property Management were great. Being a realtor, I deal with a lot of property management companies. I reached out to Chris about obtaining HOA resale documents. He was instrumental in getting the documents delivered to me that same day when we needed them in a rush. In addition, he used his resources to find the contact information for the company we had been trying to find for a couple of weeks. I’d highly recommend anyone/business looking for property management services to reach out to Chris and West Property Management!

Kevin W.