Homeowners in communities often owe a monthly or yearly fee to their Homeowners Association (HOA) to maintain common areas and enforce rules and regulations. Most of the time, the community residents will be elected or volunteer to serve on the HOA Board of Directors. But, sometimes it’s difficult to stay on top of the mounting responsibilities as a volunteer member of the board. Well, you don’t have to struggle with them alone. A property management company can come in and help you take care of all the details. Here are five benefits of working with a property management company instead of going at it alone:


1. Be the Experts You Need

Partnering with a property management company comes with a great deal of expertise, support and guidance for the HOA board members. By leaning on the property manager for their expertise, even the most experienced of HOA’s can optimize its operations, communications and relationships with homeowners. Because property management companies are regulated through mandatory education, testing, and held to the highest standards of conduct, they are experts in running the day-to-day operations of communities and community legislation. Even if the board has sat for several years, there may be an instance where a new issue arises that they’re not sure on how to handle. A property manager can provide the support and guidance necessary to help resolve these problems and execute decisions in a decisive-manner. 


2. Enforce Community Rules Fairly

One of the biggest perks of working with a property management company is that they ensure that HOA rules and regulations are legal and followed. First and foremost, an experienced property manager will review community documents to ensure they align with state and federal laws. They make sure that these guidelines are clear, concise, and consistently enforced. And, the HOA has peace of mind that their rules are implemented fairly and problems are addressed in a timely manner. What could be an awkward meeting between a neighbor who’s breaking the rules and an HOA member, is now the responsibility of the property management company to handle in an unbiased, professional way. 

Within the community’s governing documents, the use of common areas is defined and regulated. Because what good is a community park or pool if it’s falling apart? Not only do property management companies maintain the upkeep of these areas, but they also effectively communicate what is and is not allowed. For example, the HOA may agree that a noise curfew would be in everyone’s best interest. The property manager will then notify homeowners about these guidelines so the community is on the same page.


3. Handle Daily Operations Cost-effectively

When working with a property management company you get access to their large network of vendors who have already been vetted for pricing and good work. This translates into significant savings compared to trying to find a reliable company yourself. You also save yourself the trouble of having to visit the sites for property conditions and supervising contractors and landscapers. A professional property management company will oversee the work directly and make sure the community’s curb appeal is maintained in a cost-effective manner. 


4. Bring Years of Experience to Your Community

A property manager’s experience can be your best kept secret. Not only can they help define best practices for your community, but also their connections can be a powerful cost-saving tool. An experienced property manager understands how best to implement new guidelines, define regulations, and communicate updates and changes in the best way possible. They also can provide recommended businesses for landscaping, construction, repairs, and more to save the HOA time from having to get bids themselves.


5. Be Committed to the Neighborhood

A property management company is only as good as the communities they serve. So naturally, they take great pride and responsibility in creating the best possible community environment. As a result, they keep the best interests of the community top of mind, all the time. By providing extra support and guidance to the HOA board members and taking on many day-to-day responsibilities, property managers give HOA members more freedom, less stress, and more time to plan and discuss other community improvements. 


Ultimately, your property management company is there to help you create the optimal living experience for every resident. They’re committed to your neighborhood as if it were their own and bring with them years of expertise.

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